15 minutes from El Barraco we can find this World Heritage City. The proximity to La Tahona Vieja allows to combine art and culture of a medieval city with tranquility, hospitality and nature of Celtic people.


Ávila is the city where heritage, history, art , gastronomy, party, mystique, culture and nature meet.

Ávila is three-culture, World Heritage and Jewish Network medieval city.

Ávila is present city that joins modernity, tourism quality, comfort, forefront and accessible and social tourism.

The Wall, houses, palaces, temples, monasteries, create the rich artistic heritage of the city, result of a rich historical past carried by the cultures that lived together. History, art, mysticism, traditions , gastronomy and nature combine to offer visitors an enriching stay in Ávila.

The image of the medieval city is formed by The Wall, which, in the case of Avila, is much more than a symbolic representation, it is the monument that explains and configures the city.

In the XVI century the city knows its peak, it is the city of mysticism and spirituality, its best example is Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada. If we do a Teresian tour, then we will go from Gothic to Renaissance, from Mannerism to Baroque through the life and work of our most universal Saint.

Ávila is a place of festivals and traditions . Most were born with a religious character, but they do not need a pagan nuance. Other recreational activities, rooted in the customs of the city have been added.

The visitors who come to Avila must make their visit slowly. At different times of day, the light will vary and change the architecture of the city. They can follow a thematic route, but it can also be messy, discovering in every street, in every square, a building, a cornice, a window, a story, a legend, a tavern, anything that will invite you to return.

From this open window to the world, we invite you to learn a different city that will not leave you indifferent.