Modeled by erosion in bygone glaciers times, Sierra de Gredos, south of Castilla y León, is presented as a spectacular succession of lagoons, circuses, gorges, cuchillares, cliffs, galayos and moraine deposits. It is the stronghold of the ibex.

At the eastern edge of the Sierra de Gredos discovered a small, special territory: Iruelas Valley. He drained by a series of mountain streams -the main, Iruelas, is a tributary of the river Alberche- appear its slopes covered with valuable forest formed by a great diversity of species.

The origin of El Barraco dates from the time of the "Culture of Boars" , developed by the Vettones (Celtic roots) during centuries VII to I B.C. although the lack of data in the Iron Age not allow delve deeper into their roots.

15 minutes from El Barraco we can find this World Heritage City. The proximity to La Tahona Vieja allows to combine art and culture of a medieval city with tranquility, hospitality and nature of Celtic people.

Tributary of Tajo river , 177 km long, which has been very important in the life of El Barraco .

High Alberche is the main factor in the topography of this area , creating a steep valley in origin ( San Martín de la Vega del Alberche ) and that is opening